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Privacy Policy

We appreciate your concerns and interest about the privacy of your data on the Internet.

Data Controller and Owner

Types of data collected
Some personal data are directly or indirectly collected by this site or through third parties, such as: cookies, usage data, e-mail address, user name, country. 

Personal data collected in other sections may be described in other sections of the privacy policy or by interpreting context specified text for the collected data. 

Personal data can be freely provided by the user, or automatically collected when using this site.


Our website uses cookies to distinguish between you and other users, without storing any personal identifying information. This would help us to provide you a good experience in browsing our site, and it would also help us to improve the site.

Data Processing Pattern and Location 

Processing methods 
The data controller shall process the latter properly and ensure that all appropriate security measures are taken to prevent unauthorized access, detection, alteration, or destruction of personal data.

Data is processed by IT computers/ tools, according to a particular system. 

In addition to the data controller and in some cases, data may be available for some of the people involved in operating the site (management section, sales and marketing section, legal affairs) or external parties (technical service providers, E-mail companies, hosting service providers, IT companies, and communication agencies).

The data controller may request updating personal data any time.

Data Processing 
Data is processed in the data control unit offices. Please, contact the data control unit for more information.  

Data retention period
Content that meets specific coefficients of this database will remains permanently available until the user requests removing data permanently from the service base.

Usage of the collected data
The personal data collected are used exclusively to provide a seamless experience when you visit the site. The following can be mentioned by way of example:

⦁ To answer your questions, comments, and requests; in order to provide you access to certain areas and to take advantage of the features available on the site, and to communicate with you about your activities on the site.

⦁ To verify fraud, harassment, physical threats or other violations of any law, rule or regulations, along with the terms or policies of the site or the rights of third parties, or to investigate any suspected conduct that we consider inappropriate.

⦁ For online shopping or commercial services, we can use the financial information you provide (such as: credit cards or bank account numbers) to meet your requests.

⦁ To help us to develop, introduce, and improve our products, services, components and advertising.

Detailed information about processing personal data

 Personal data shall be collected for the following purposes:

Connection form (this application)
By filling out your data contact form, the user authorizes this       application to use these details to respond to requests for   information or any inquiries.

Personal data collected are: E-mail and user name.

Comment on content
Content comment services allow users to conduct and post their comments on the contents of this website.

Depending on the settings chosen by the owner, users are not allowed to leave anonymous comments. Therefore, this service is provided to members only.

Users are responsible for the content of their comments.

This site contains a comment internally system.

Comment internally system (This app)
Collected personal data: cookies, email, usage data and user name

Interaction with social networks
These services allow interaction with social networks or other external programs directly from the site pages.

The interaction and information collected by this site through these services should not conflict with the privacy policies of social networks. Therefore, the privacy policies of other social networks should be examined in order to understand your rights and duties.

The services provided in this section enable the owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to track the user's behavior.

Google Analytics (Google)
 Google analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google.

Google uses the data collected to track and study the usage of this site, to report on its activities and its engagement with other Google services.

Google may use the data collected to frame and customize its Display Network ads.

 Collected personal data: cookies and usage data

Processing location: USA - Privacy Policy

Connecting with user
Mailing list or newsletter (this app)
By registering in a mailing list or newsletter, the user's e-mail address will be added to the contact list.

 As a result of this registration you may receive e-mails containing commercial or promotional information about this site.

Personal data collected: E-mail.

Registration and authentication
 By logging in, this site authorize users to access custom services.

Based on what is shown below, the following parties may provide their services for registration or identification purposes.

Direct registration (on this website)
The user performs the registration process by filling out the registration      form and submitting personal data directly to this website.

Personal data collected: E-mail, first name, last name, picture, user name and various types of data.

Registration via Facebook (Facebook account) 
Registration via Facebook is the registration and authentication service provided by Facebook and it is connected to the Social Network of Facebook.

Personal data Collected: different types of data.

Processing location: USA - privacy policy

Display external content 
These services allow you to view and interact with external software content directly on the pages of this site.

If one of these services is installed, the latter would collect traffic data on the network even if the user is not using this service.

 YouTube (Google)
YouTube is a web site that allows its users to upload videos free of charge, view them live (rather than download), share and comment on them, etc. YouTube provides an app enabling videos to be exported to other web pages.

Personal data collected: cookies and data usage.

Processing location: USA - privacy policy

Dealing with Payments 
PayPal is a payment service provided by PayPal (company), which allows users to buy and sell on the Internet.

Personal data collected: different types of data.

 Privacy policy

Additional information on collecting and processing data


Legal procedures
Personal data of the user may be used for legal purposes by the data controller, in court or at the stages leading to legal procedures that may arise from improper use of these related applications or services.

The user must be aware that his personal data can be disclosed by the data controller upon the request of public authorities.

Additional information about the user's personal data
In addition to the information contained in this policy, this site may provide the user with additional information relating to certain services or collecting and processing of personal data upon request.

System and maintenance records
 For operational and maintenance purposes, this site and any third-party services may collect files that contain records of interaction with this site (a registry system) or use some other personal data for this purpose (such as an IP address).

Information not included in this policy
Further details regarding collectiing or processing of personal data may be required from the data control unit at any time. Please review contact information at the beginning of this document.

Users' rights
Users have the right, at any time, to know whether their personal data has been stored and to contact the Data Controller to verify the accuracy of their personal data and to request completion, cancellation, update, rectification, or anonymous conversion.

* Requests must be sent to the data control unit on the contact information listed above.

We may change the privacy policy from time to time. However, we will not derogate from the rights guaranteed to you by this policy without your express consent. We will also post any changes to privacy policy on this page, and if the changes are significant, we will provide a clearer notification (including, for certain services, E-mail notification of the changes to privacy policy). We will also keep previous versions of this privacy policy in an archive for review.

Legal definitions and references

Personal information (or Data)
Any information about the natural, legal person should be identified by foundation, or institution; even indirectly, through personal information, including a personal identification number.

Usage data
Information automatically collected from this site (or by third-party services used on this site), which may include: IP addresses, URI addresses, service request time, how they are used to place an order to the server, country of origin, browser features and user-used operating system, and different details of site visit time..

The one who is authorized to use the site according to his personal data

Data subject
The legal or natural person to whom personal data refers

Data Processor (or Data Supervisor)
The natural or legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization with the authority to control and process personal data in accordance with this policy

Data controller (or owner)
A natural person, a legal person, a public administration or any other body, association or organization that has the right, in conjunction with other data controllers, to make decisions regarding the ways in which personal data is processed and the means used, including security procedures for the operation and use of such applications.

This Application / Site
The tool, hardware or software through which the user's personal data is collected

A small fraction of the data stored in the user device.