About us

Roose PERFUMES is one of the top French and Arabic perfume production company in Kuwait. We deal in signature perfumes and scents exclusively created by our experts. Because of our high quality and unique fragrances, we are one of the leading perfumers since decades, and our company is relentlessly growing with time. Until now, Roose PERFUMES has satisfied thousands of clients with amazing fragrances formulated at its R&D labs.

We are well aware of trends and user needs, and accordingly our experts create attractive scents and package them in attractive bottles. Our team includes top perfumers, marketing experts, creative packaging designers and quality control specialists.


The quality control specialists ensure all products are according to international standards. The combination of professionalism and creativity enables us to offer our scent driven customers with new exciting aromas. We aspire to provide products with top quality in reasonable prices with no compromise over quality.


Our laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and automated production units, which allow us to produce perfumes with minimal tolerance in the original formula and timely delivery of our products.


We offer perfume production and packaging services at appealing prices. The dedication of offering high quality at low price enables a larger group of people to experience trending fragrances.

Roose PERFUMES is renowned all  for its unique aromas and exceptional quality. However, we are facilitating commercial clients, as well as domestic clients particularly in the Middle East. Our commitment to bring traditional Arabic, French and globally unique fragrances to native buyers has led us to become a trademark brand in Kuwait and most parts of the Middle East, and we continue to grow beyond borders every day.

Our Goals:

Our primary goal is achieving perfumery excellence and setting new standards in scent production. Our vision is directed by our dedication to uniqueness, sophistication and passion to create indulging fragrances.


Roose PERFUMES has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe, but this is not all, we are thriving towards untouched markets to provide our services and products to all perfume enthusiasts who are looking to buy quality products at the right price.


We are on the way to becoming one of the leading perfumers in Middle East , Our strategic roadmap to success consists of obsession to create well-crafted and contemporary fragrances and make them accessible to our consumers wherever they are.


To us, a perfume is not merely a fragrance, but it represents personality, lifestyle and translates a persona in the form of aura that surrounds the wearer. Therefore, it has to be unique, outstanding and amazing, the way each of our consumers is.


Every care is given in the development of our products to make them appealing and authentic. The drive to make our consumers feel the uniqueness, superiority and exclusiveness is what we strive to achieve by creating unique blends that inspire and impress.



  • Our Services:


Roose PERFUMES offers a vast range of services such as custom scent design and development, attractive packaging designing and bulk production of any perfume product.


Our hallmarks are blending of unique fragrances and product design for both, domestic and commercial consumers.


We are serving direct retail consumers through our outlets spreading across  , and bulk buyers through our exclusive distributors and production partners.


We are also custom manufacturing for bulk buyers, enabling other brands to use our research and product development to their advantage. It is our responsibility to ensure that our services meet our client’s requirements and to achieve this goal; we have a specialized department looking after customer services and support, so that our clients know that we care.


  • Our Products:


Roose PERFUMES deals in exclusive and high-quality perfumes and fragrances of French and Arabic origin. The company offers vast variety of perfume collections, and all of these perfumes are exclusively developed in our facilities. All products are according to international standards.


We ensure that our products not only smell and feel great, but they also appear world class. All of our fragrances are available in multiple measurements and size bottles. We are catering to personal as well as commercial needs. Apart from blending perfumes, we also specialize in oils and raw materials required for production of scents, sprays, and perfumes.


We have some of the most advanced and latest perfume and essential oil production facilities in the world with the ability to extract perfumes and oils from nature. This ability gives us the advantage to craft the most stimulating fragrances that are exclusive to Roose PERFUMES.