Delivery Policy

Optimum packaging to ensure that the products would arrive in the proper condition as you have seen them, and if you receive any product in bad condition, please contact us immediately to help you and replace the shipment immediately to ensure the delivery of an integrated product as requested.

*Important Note: In order to ensure timely delivery of the order, please make sure of writing down the address and phone number details during making the order.

  • Delivery within the state of Kuwait: 
  1. Freight and delivery cost is KWD 2.500. A fixed price for all regions.
  2. delivered within 1  working day
  3. Custom products are scheduled by one of our sales staff.
  • Delivery to Gulf States:  

(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "KSA", Qatar, United Arab Emirates "UAE", Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman )

  1. Freight and delivery cost is KWD 8 per kilogram. 
  2. We are dealing with three certified carriers that are selected by the customer area (Aramex - DHL - TNT) with fast and accurate delivery times, and we are also interested in delivery-related services that ensure shipment arrives as soon as possible such as cargo traceability and routing methods
  3. For customers of the Arabian Gulf (outside Kuwait), Ready-made products are delivered within a maximum of 7 working days, Custom products are scheduled by one of our sales staff 
  4. In case of shipment delay beyond the expected period, it would be an out of the site's control, due to transportation reasons. 
  5. Your electronic or written signature on the invoice will be requested by us or our logistical partner upon the receipt of the goods, and this signature would be regarded as a confirmation that you have received the full goods as indicated on the invoice. 
  6. In case you are not in the designated address, we or our logistical partner would deliver the goods to any person existed in the designated address and accept his signature on the invoice, and thus the customer shall be deemed to have received the goods mentioned in the invoice.
  7. In case we reached the designated address but failed to deliver the goods, please contact us to reschedule another delivery date of the order. The Company shall not be responsible for any goods that have not been delivered within 30 days of the purchase date.