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Usage Agreement

The following usage agreement governs the use of (Roose  PERFUME) on the internet. Please read carefully the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to all these terms, do not use this website. The material provided on this website is protected by the applicable Copyright and Trademark Law.

Fraud, theft and usage of stolen PayPal accounts

Every person who uses a stolen PayPal account will be banned without hesitation, as well as these transactions would be cancelled and deducted

Disclaimer of "Roose Perfume"

The content of the website and the sub-pages is provided without any kind of guarantees. "Roose  PERFUME" and any third party that provides the same content, distance themselves from any responsibility for any guarantees.

Information on this website and its subpages is provided on the basis of "as is" and "when available". and the website does not provide any guarantee, explicit or implicit undertaking of any kind relating to this information, whether it is available on the website or on the subpages.

The usage of this website or any subpages would be under your own responsibility.

Limitation of (Roose Perfume) liability

The site shall not be legally responsible for any damages, losses or obligations, whether they be direct, indirect, specific, urgent, or losses arising, or obligations relating to your usage of the website, or your inability to use information, materials, products and services provided by the site, or anything related to the failure in performance, error, negligence, loss, defect, delay in the operation, transportation, a computer virus, or failure of the system or lines, even if the supervisor reports such links to other sites or contents.

Using Hyperlinks on the website is your own responsibility. The site provides hyperlinks to other sites ONLY to provide information for convenient purposes. The Website is not responsible for the contents of other websites, their pages, or the ssub-pages of the site.

Besides, site is not responsible for accuracy and timeline, or constant availability, of contents, hyperlinks, third-party sites, or web pages associated with the site or its sub-pages.

Modification of Terms

These terms can be modified occasionally; your continued access and logins is regarded as your acceptance to be bound by the terms of this agreement, and to be subject to all applicable provisions and regulations concerning data transfer on the Internet. Also, your approval to be subject to all domestic systems, regulations, and provisions concerning direct conduct and acceptable content. As you accept the terms of this agreement on your personal capacity or on behalf of any party you represent. It also included your acceptance of any changes, modifications or amendments to the terms of this agreement.

Applicable Law

The applicable Law in the state of Kuwait governs your use of the site.

Trademarks & Copyright

It is prohibited to Print, copy, download, or temporary store any personal information from the site or any sub-page or when using any sub-page products or services.

Materials printed or downloaded from the site or sub-pages cannot be modified or altered, including, but not limited to, exclusion of labels or addresses relating to such materials.

Such material shall not be permitted to be distributed to others, and any other use thereof shall be prohibited unless a prior written permission has been obtained.

Using any section of the site at another site or connecting any other site to the site or its sub-pages is inadmissible without the approval of the supervisor of "Roose  PERFUME".

It is prohibited to use the site or any sub-page for illegal, indecent, defamatory, obscene or threatening purposes.

Reasons of Banning Accounts on Roose PERFUME

At our absolute discretion, we may terminate, ban, restrict or suspend your right to access and use the site without notice and for any reason, including the violation of terms and conditions of use or any other conduct which may be considered illegal or harmful to others,. In case of termination, you will not be allowed to access this site.

Such reasons are as follows:

  • Usage of vulgar terms, offensive or obscene language.
  • Attempting to threaten the security of users or service through hacking methods.
  • Dissemination of automated or unwanted messages or announcements.
  • Publication of comments containing illegal activities or defamatory statements.
  • Use of stolen Pay-Pal account.
  • Using more than one Pay-Pal account.
  • Impersonate a person or organization.
  • Incitement to hatred towards a particular group.
  • Multiplicity of accounts per user offers to prohibit all accounts of the user in a final manner. The user has the right to create only one account.
  • Repeated violations to the terms of the "Roose  PERFUME".